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Leyland Cars in Australia: a Chronicle by Tony Cripps This is a book about the history of BMC/Leyland/JRA from 1950 right through to the failure of the Clifford Corporation in the late 1990s. Find out who was involved and what they did in giving us the cavalcade of unforgettable vehicles that we all knew and loved. IN STOCK NOW 198 Pages A4. $59.95 inc GST +$12.50 Postage within Australia
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BMC-Leyland Australia Vehicle Reference 3rd Edition by Peter Davis & Tony Cripps. Your Bible of BMC Australia Cars. Provides extensive details of vehicle identification codes and power unit to Australian-made BMC/Leyland passenger cars and derivatives from 1950 to 1982. The original and trusted source of BMC vehicle information written by the factory Administration Manager responsible for vehicle identification codes. IN STOCK NOW 260 Pages, A4. $65 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
Vehicle Engineering Series:  Morris 850 by Tony Cripps. There’s never been a book like this for classic Mini. Packed with over 500 excerpts from the factory engineering drawings, this book is an essential guide to parts identification and vehicle engineering specification. IN STOCK NOW 198 Pages, A4. $65 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
It’s a Mini World! Celebrating 60 years of the Australian Mini and Moke. by Tony Cripps, Peter J. Davis, Bruce Elson Will Hagon, Nairn Hindhaugh and Ron Moss   A new book which commemorates the production of classic Mini and Moke in Australia. Written by those who worked at the factory. Anecdotes, production methods, advertising, servicing, motor sport, model identification, and a great line up of appendices. Printed on high quality paper to be a permanent book. IN STOCK NOW 172 Pages, A4, Colour  $75 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
As a result of an extensive archiving project, the Engineering Drawings as used by Product Engineering have now been catalogued and imaged. Search allows you to identify a part number, description and vehicle application. Note, data for vehicle application may be incomplete.
Morris Mini Deluxe by Tony Cripps. The second book in this series with over 600 excerpts from the drawings for the Deluxe including Mini- Van and Mini-K. IN STOCK NOW 291 Pages, A4. $65 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
Morris Cooper S by Tony Cripps. The third book in this series with over 600 excerpts from the technical drawings for the Morris Cooper S MKI & MKII.   IN STOCK NOW 292 Pages, A4. $65 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
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Morris Mini Clubman & GT by Tony Cripps. The fourth book in this series with over 600 excerpts from the technical drawings for the Mini Clubman 1971-1973 models, Standard (YDO21), Deluxe (YDO22) and GT (YDO23).  IN STOCK NOW 300 Pages, A4. $65 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
Your identification guide for BMC/Leyland passenger vehicles produced in Australia 1950 - 1982.
BMC Vehicle Identification
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Secrets of Style at BMC-Leyland Australia by David Bentley, David Hardy, John Holt and Tony Cripps   More than a historical record, this book educates the reader’s eye so that you may look upon both modern and classic vehicles with a new understanding and appreciation of the art of motor vehicle styling. Back by popular demand and now as a 2nd Edition. A short book, but one with something important to say. Printed in colour on high quality paper. IN STOCK NOW 72 Pages, A4, Colour. $55 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia
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Some semi-scientific articles about technical aspects of BMC vehicles.
BMC Leyland Motor Cars in Australia
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A magnificent addition to any Mini enthusiast’s library The world of BMC minis is truly fascinating and you have captured it well - Pedr Davis 
Morris Mini Moke - now at the printer. Should be available  26th Jan. Minis Down Under 6th March 2022 I will have a stand at the Minis Down Under event in Sydney in March 2022 with books for sale, and as well, an unusual online resource the details of which I will announce closer to the event. Facebook Page Many pictures and stories that could not be accommodated in the books below can be found on my Facebook Page.
Morris Mini Moke by Tony Cripps. The fifth book in this series with over 600 excerpts from the technical drawings for the Mini Moke 1966-1973 models, 10” 998cc (YDO7/YDO8), 13” 998cc and 1098cc (YDO18). Excludes Californian Export.  Now being printed, available 26th Jan 2022. 300 Pages, A4. $65 inc GST + $12.50 Postage within Australia